Whether you’re staying in Thailand long-term or planning to work here periodically, it’s certain that you’re going to collect cash in some manner. The next inevitability for all expats then lies in figuring out how to send money to and from the country. As many here already know, this is no mean feat!

As with many day-to-day functions, we turn to digital technology for our money transfers in the hope that an app will make our live’s quicker and easier. But sometimes, as is the case with outbound salary remittance in Thailand, this is far from true. On the surface, many digital platforms suggest they offer exactly the kind of transfer service that you need for sending your THB to family back home. On closer inspection though, when it comes to setting up a transfer, the app will say, “Mai dai.”

Here’s a comparison of the top five digital money platforms for making global transfers and a look at which ones actually let you send THB currency out.

Transfer Company Send THB Details Transfer Fee Amount
PayPal From balance or linked bank account. $4.99 (Approx. 163THB) + Fixed Fee depending on the receiving country. Plus, Recipient pays fees to recieve funds from 2.9 - 5.4%.
From another payment method. $4.99 +3.4% + Fixed fee
DeeMoney Once a Member, you can send THB from the DeeMoney application, credit your transfers direct from your Thai bank and/or an ATM. 150 THB ONLY to 16 countries across the globe including the USA, the UK, and Australia.
Western Union Technically, online transfers can only be made through Western Union from pre-registered bank accounts with:
● Bank Of Ayudhya
● Krung Thai Bank
The transfer fee increases as remittance amount does, BOA starts at 250THB.
Bank Of Ayudhya
● Krung Thai Bank (Info not available online)
Hifx Money is exchanged into Pound Sterling account before transfer.
Transferwise TransferWise’s Borderless account does not support the upload and transfer of THB.

As you can see, DeeMoney and PayPal are the only two digital platforms which allow for THB outward remittance. (Though fees are leveraged on both sender and recipient with PayPal.)

DeeMoney is uniquely positioned as a rare non-bank entity which is specially licensed to send THB out of the country. In addition, DeeMoney has rejected the out-moded money transfer tiered fees that fluctuate according to your payment amount and capitalize on what you wish to send abroad.

Instead, DeeMoney is offering an industry-first flat-fee of just THB 150 per transaction for amounts starting as low as 1,000 Baht up to THB 800,000 to 16 countries across the world.

A fully developed FinTech company, DeeMoney has established its licensed Money Transfer, Currency Exchange, and E-Payment Platform in the center of Bangkok. As well as its flagship branch on Bangkok's Sukhumvit Soi 8, there are three other DeeMoney outlets in Asoke, Samut Sakhon, and Samut Prakan. DeeMoney offers a complete one-stop service for all your international money transfers and currency exchanges needs. Once you’re signed up as a DeeMoney member, our mobile phone app always says, “Yes.”