The BETTER way to Send Money from Thailand is not with your bank: *Save up to 12% Per Transaction!

The BETTER way to Send Money from Thailand is not with your bank: *Save up to 12% Per Transaction!

Save up to 12% Per Transaction! with the better money transfer solution.

Sending money from Thailand back to your home country has always been a daunting task, from convincing the bank to let you open an account to providing tons of documents every time you want to do an international money transfer. We can all agree that Thai banks are not the most expat-friendly.

Why is Sending Money Overseas with a Bank Such an Agony? Let's Dive In and Find Out!

  1. Fee
    Fee is never friendly with banks. The usual fee range for a single international money transfer is 300-1,200 THB, regardless of the amount. Simple math is sufficient to see that you lose a big chunk of money from the get-go. Let's say you are sending 20,000 THB with a 1,200 transfer fee; that’s already 6% of your money.  Also, it’s worth pointing out that some banks charge your transaction based on the transfer amount, country, and how your recipient receives money, which means you lose a lot of money in nasty fees right before you even begin sending money. Exhausting!
  2. Exchange rate
    If you think fees are nasty, the exchange rate is even worse! It’s one of many ways banks make money off you beside hefty fees. So, it would be wise to compare all international money transfer service providers every time you need to make a transfer. It’s tedious, but it would save you a lot of money.
  3. Speed
    Banks rely on the traditional way of doing international money transfers like SWIFT, which means your transfer can take days or even weeks to be processed, and there’s no guarantee when the recipient will get the money.
  4. Ease of use
    No one wants to go and wait in line at a bank forever just to get 1 simple thing like making an international money transfer done. Bringing heaps of documents to a bank just to be slapped with endless paperwork.

But do we really have any other choices?

Yes, we do!

Introducing DeeMoney, International Money Transfer made better.

We understand the frustrations that come with making an international money transfer, and that’s why we set out to overcome all of them!

125 THB Flat-fee

We charge only 1 flat fee of 125 THB +VAT to most countries (see complete list) regardless of the amount. What you see is what your recipient will get.  Zero deduction or extra fee at the receiving end.

Better Exchange Rates

Our unique business model allows us to offer more competitive exchange rates than our competitors. So, you can save more while sending less back home.

Faster with DeeNext.

Next-working Day account credit guaranteed!

We’re the only one in the industry to guarantee transfer time, and our SLA is over 98%* With the help of our partners around the world, you can expect the money to arrive from Thailand to most countries within Next-Working Day.

Easier; everything in one app

Super easy! Just a few taps away to send money.

With the DeeMoney Neo app, send money to 40+ countries from the comfort of your home.

Let's Revolutionize how international money transfer works    
Give it a try, and your first transfer fee is on us!

*Saving is calculated from the FX rates and fees of a leading bank