How to Make Your International Money Transfer Experience Better — DeeMoney Neo

How to Make Your International Money Transfer Experience Better — DeeMoney Neo

Whether you are working to support your family or traveling in Thailand for leisure, you may have difficulty finding an international money transfer service that gives you the convenience and security you need.

While living in Thailand, you still have to pay utility bills back home, send family remittances, or purchase products from various countries. DeeMoney Neo is designed and developed to make these processes effortless for you. Our DeeMoney Neo app helps you connect to the global while staying like a local in Thailand.

Are you looking for an international money transfer service in Thailand that would make sending money globally easier and faster while saving money for you?

Let’s check out why sending money with the DeeMoney Neo app always feels like using a premium package.

  1. Save More with Better FX Rates

FX rate or foreign exchange rate can differ based on the time and the money transfer operators (MTOs). Despite giving customers a premium international money transfer service, DeeMoney is dedicated to making the  fees more affordable . This is to ensure our customers can use their money to better things instead of the fees

Many high-street banks and money transfer operators have dynamic transaction pricing. For instance, some services may charge you up to 5% from your transactions. This means you have to pay a higher cost the more you send. Instead, DeeMoney Neo offers every customer an affordable flat fee of 125 THB for almost every country on the platform. So, whether you send 1,000 THB or 100,000 THB, the fee remains the same!

Aside from this simple way of calculating the fee, you can review the details of your transaction and how much your recipient will get before you click send. We never hide anything from you.

2. Make It Simpler for You and Your Recipient

The onboarding process with DeeMoney Neo is simple. We can provide everyone with an equally stress-free process, whether you are Thai or not.

For instance, you can choose to onboard completely online. Everything from start to finish is in your hands. You can register by taking photos of or scanning your documents. The power to send money and connect to more than 40 countries is all on your mobile. None of the steps requires you to leave the comfort of your home.

Not only for you. DeeMoney Neo is also convenient for your recipient. You can send money directly to their existing bank account or choose the cash pickup option (selected countries). No burdens like a receiver fee added!

3. Send Money Abroad Fast & Sure

It’s a myth that fast equals sloppy. Here at DeeMoney, we provide both speed and security! Now with DeeNext, you can send money with a next working day account credit guaranteed to over 40+ countries. Meanwhile, you will feel assured using the financial service fully licensed by the Bank of Thailand. Besides, you can always track your transaction status as if you had put a GPS on your money.

4. Say no to bots and phone mazes

It is never complicated to get human support from DeeMoney. Simply call us. We will happily answer your questions! You’ll get support 7 days per week in the language of your choice (Thai, English, Filipino, Burmese, and Khmer). Language barriers won’t become an obstacle for you on this international money transfer journey.

Besides, we have multiple channels for you to contact. Whether you prefer messaging directly to us on the LINE application and Facebook Messenger, calling us by phone number 02 821 5555, or visiting us at the branches near train stations in Bangkok, you can choose any option you prefer!

5. Personalised Promotions

If you find our 125 THB flat fee amazing, promotions on DeeMoney Neo will make your transactions even more shockingly affordable! Our team carefully tailors each promotion to help our customers benefit the most from our application.

Remember to follow the DeeMoney Facebook page or add the DeeMoney official LINE account so that you never miss a chance to transfer without fees or with more bonuses!

Overall, DeeMoney Neo provides security in all international money transfers, just like banks, but with speed, low fees, and premium services you won't find anywhere else!

Why are you hesitating? Let’s get you started with our first transfer for free after downloading and registering with DeeMoney Neo here.