If you are planning to make a trip to India, you will need some money to cater for various expenses. Consequently, you have to figure out the best ways to carry your money to your chosen destinations. Safety is of the essence as well as access as you may want to buy various stuff along the way.

So, what are some of the ways you can carry money while travelling in India?

Carry your money electronically

Travel cards are always a great and safe way to carry money while travelling. Nonetheless, it is not possible to load up your travel card with Indian currency. Depending on what you feel comfortable with, your best bet may be a credit or debit card which does not attract currency conversion fees as it is with a travel card. These cards are accepted in many cities and towns across India. However, in case you end up in a place that is either remote or does allow paying with credit or debit cards, it is advisable to have some of your money in cash to avoid inconveniences.

Split up your money in multiple places

If you want to strike a balance between carrying cash and cards for precautionary reasons, then don't carry all your money and cards in the same bag or pocket.  By splitting your money and cards in multiple places, you will have something to fall back to in case you lose your bag or get pick-pocketed.

Also for easy access, you will know where to reach out for your card or money while paying for something. Since most of the items that you would buy while travelling in India are not expensive, it is not necessary to carry large notes.

Use a money belt

Money belts may seem old school, but they are still a convenient and safe way to carry your money. A money belt is quite effective, all you need to do is strap it on your waist below your shirt and you are good to go. Apart from your money being concealed you also feel the fastened belt as you walk around, you do not need to keep touching pockets just to ensure your money is intact. A money belt will also alleviate the fear of losing your money to pickpockets that primarily target the visible pockets. Besides that, you can also put your passport and cards in there.

Make good use of your wallet or purse

Wallets and purses are a good way to carry money. They are not only designed with pockets that allow you to arrange your notes as you would wish, but they are also made with ease of retrieval in mind. However, everybody knows what they carry, including criminals. This does not mean that they would be redundant while travelling in India. What you need to do is get creative with your wallet. Use a travel wallet so that you can leave your day-to-day wallet where you are residing or back at home. This will allow you to leave the cards you don't need for the journey, just in case you lose your travel wallet to help you avoid the hassle of replacing them.

If you have to carry your daily use wallet for whichever reason, bring along a dummy one. This distracts people with bad intentions from getting your real wallet in the sense that if an unfortunate event occurs, such as being targeted by thieves or pickpockets, the dummy will act as a decoy while your real one is safe elsewhere.

As you embark on a trip to India, which is a relatively safe place, make sure that you carry your money safely as money is sensitive anywhere in the world. At the same time, easy access should be a significant factor to consider. You do not need to go to the bathroom so that you can retrieve your hidden stash of money to pay for lunch. Finally, weigh between cash and card options depending on where you are going because not all places are card friendly and you don’t want to get stranded.