How to carry money while traveling in the USA?

How to carry money while traveling in the USA?

Traveling is an exciting experience, especially when you have enough money to spend. You want to easily access your money whenever you want to pay for something, and more so, without attracting unnecessary attention. Also, you want to feel safe while carrying your money. If you keep checking your pockets to ensure that your money is intact, you will miss out on the fun. Furthermore, the last thing you want is to be uneasy throughout your journey.

So, how do you carry money while traveling in the USA?

Split your money and keep it in different places

Unexpected things happen all the time. You might misplace your bag, or worse, it might get snatched. If all your money is in that bag, you end up stranded without knowing what to do. This is why you should split your money. Have some in your pockets, some in your bag and some in your wallet. If you happen to lose your bag, you will have some cash to fall back on.

Travel with a dummy wallet

When traveling in unfamiliar places whose security status is unknown to you, it is wise to carry an extra dummy wallet. Put a few dollars in it, divide the rest, and keep them in different places within your belongings. This can work well in a scenario where you fall victim of a mugging; your dummy wallet can serve as a decoy. This will not only give you an edge in fooling the criminal, but also help you scamper for safety, as well as prevent you from losing all your money.

Carry some of the money in small-dollar denominations

You will sometimes need to reach out for some money either in your wallet or pockets. For this reason, carry some of your money in small denominations. This will prevent you from having to remove larger dollar bills, which might lure people with ill intentions towards you.

Invest in an antitheft bag

For the purpose of adding an extra cushion on securing your money, it is wise to buy an anti-theft bag. Unlike the ordinary bags, these are tougher and come in a variety; you can get a travel purse or a backpack. Some of them have a steel reinforcement on the straps, making it almost impossible for thugs to pull or cut it off out your back. Others are slash proof as well.

Don’t move around with money

When you check into a hotel and intend to leave after checking-in, ask if they have a safe deposit. Instead of walking around with all your money in a new town, just carry what you need and keep the rest in the safe. Sometimes, it is safer to walk without money, especially if it’s the kind of money that will have you checking over your back every other minute.

Invest in a travel wallet

Instead of carrying your wallet with all your cards,  including club memberships, buy a travel wallet. While using a travel wallet, you do not have to unpack your daily use wallet. Choose just what you need in terms of cards if you have to and money. If you happen to lose it along the way, all is not lost as most of your essential cards will be safe at home.

Lean towards body storage

Putting your money on your body is much better than in your suitcase or backpack. If your bag gets lost in any circumstance, it will be safer having some cash on you.  Underclothing accessories can help with this, in case you want to split out your money. It is convenient to access the money on you from your pocket or anywhere else that you prefer. All you need is to make sure that it is somewhere easily accessible.

Whichever of the listed ways you choose to keep your money, consider safety first and then convenience. If you know that your money is concealed safely, you will probably have more peace of mind as well as fun. Accessing your money with ease will enhance your level of comfort all through your journey. And as you pay for stuff, you will clearly know where to retrieve the appropriate dollar denomination for the intended purchase.