Celebrate the Lunar New Year with DeeMoney!

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with DeeMoney!
Get your GOLD Ang Pao when you transfer with DeeMoney. Guaranteed!

Terms & Conditions
Minimum transfer of 1m+ Baht between Feb 10 - Feb 28, 2021.

  1. Eligible customers will be notified on March 10, 2021.
  2. 1.83 grams of gold ("the reward") will be given to eligible customers.
  3. Eligible customers are responsible for applicable withholding tax (3%) upon receiving the reward received through the promotion.
  4. Eligible customers must present a valid official identity document i.e. national ID or passport in order to receive the reward.
  5. In case the customers cannot pick up the reward themselves, customers can appoint 1 representative with 1. Power of Attorney 2. Copy of representative's ID card with a signature in order to receive the reward at the branch.
  6. Eligible customers must come to pick up the prize at DeeMoney Soi 8 branch themselves and appoint a representative.

Pick-up Procedure

  1. Eligible customer must present their valid official ID i.e. National ID or Passport in order to receive the prize.
  2. Eligible customers are responsible to pay 3% withholding tax in cash upon receiving the prize
  3. Eligible customers can pick up the prize between 15 March 2021 - 30 April 2021 at DeeMoney Sukhumvit 8 branch during operating time.
  4. Eligible customer who is unable to pick up the prize themselves can appoint 1 representative to pick up the prize on behalf of themselves.
  5. Eligible customer must notify DeeMoney staff before appointing their representative
  6. The appointed representative must carry eligible customer's ID in order to pick up the prize