5 Essential Apps in Thailand

5 Essential Apps in Thailand

In the past couple of years, Thailand has become a popular tourist destination for couples and families around the world - and deservedly so. It’s a country that’s rich in culture and food. More to this, it presents tourists with lots of adventurous and fun opportunities. If you haven’t traveled to Thailand yet, jot it down on your bucket list - it’ll be worth it.

However, while Thailand has a lot to offer, you need some help to squeeze it dry of the best opportunities and moments it has to offer. For this, mobile apps come in handy. But which ones should you install from the billions available on PlayStore and Apple Store? Well, we’ve taken the initiative of breaking them down to the bare essentials. Below are 5 essential apps for your vacation in Thailand:

Google Translator

If you visit tourist hotspots in Thailand, you’ll probably get away with not knowing a single word of Thai. However, as you wander off to not so popular yet exciting destinations to quench your adventurous thirst, you’ll need to know some Thai phrases. But let’s face it. Who has the time to attend classes to learn a new language? And while hiring a translator is an option, it’s quite frankly expensive. But where conventional solutions fail, Google Translator swoops in for the rescue.

Though there are many Thai translator apps, Google translator is the bomb. It comes in handy when looking for accommodation, and other basic stuff. However, we should warn you; limit each translation to a maximum of 5 words.


In your research, you’ve probably come across people complaining of taxi and tuk-tuk scams in Thailand. These situations are quite unfortunate and no one ever deserves it. But the good thing is that it’s easy to avoid such scams. All you got to do is download Grab. Grab is a taxi app. While the rest of the world has Uber, Thailand has Grab. In areas like Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Bangkok, where public transportation options are minimal, this app is a gem. It saves you the frustration of having to explain to a driver where you need to go. Some Thai words are difficult to pronounce right and few drivers understand English. But With Grab, moving from place to place is hassle-free.


When on vacation, the last thing you want is to have to shop around for a place to stay. Although you can find a good place, there’s little to no guarantee that it will offer you the best deal.

With Agoda, you can search for the best hotel deals in Thailand and make a booking. This app comes in handy when you are planning for the trip and also during the trip (especially if you’ll move from city to city). Agoda’s interface is easy to use and allows for price comparisons of hundreds of hotels in a matter of seconds. You can choose those that fit your lifestyle and budget.

Being on a budget is easy with Agoda.


How you handle and carry your money is super important when on vacation. You see when in Thailand, you’ll need to transact in Thai Baht. For this, you’ll need to exchange currencies. The easiest app to use for this is DeeMoney. In addition to offering great exchange rates, Deemoney also offers transfer services at great rates.


Most people, if not all, in Thailand, have Line. Line is especially appealing to the younger population. But this doesn’t mean it’s only for them. Line is more like Whatsapp; it’s a great instant messaging app with phone calling features.

If you are on vacation and get lucky with a Thai girl, you’ll ask for her Line ID instead of her phone number. With this, you can message and bond with them. In case you don’t understand some Thai words, you can always use a translator to keep the conversations flowing.

Taking a vacation to Thailand is bound to be superior. But the vacation can be even more ‘explosive’ if you have these apps installed on your phone. They’ll make your navigation easier, help bypass the communication barrier, send money with ease and best of all, get the best deals in Thailand. It’ll be like you are a Thai native!